4 Ways to Amplify Your TikTok Influencer Campaign

4 Ways to Amplify Your TikTok Influencer Campaign


Influencer marketing campaigns have become increasingly popular over the past decade with success from various brands and companies across several industries. People love influencers because of the authenticity, personality, and overall value they have online. In the past two years, we’ve seen the rise of TikTok as the fastest and most popular social platform to captivate users. Now, marketers are developing social media strategies to increase ROI efforts with TikTok influencers and paid campaigns. With TikTok still expected to grow in the coming years, brands are looking to use the social platform to increase product and brand awareness. The new wave of Gen-Z influencers who are setting the trends on TikTok has secured partnerships with major brands and continues to lead the conversation on trending content across the platform. 


Influencers are an investment just like any paid campaign you use on social media. Every social media app has a different method for tracking ROI and TikTok isn’t always about dollars and cents. When thinking of ROI on TikTok you want to factor in brand awareness and engagement, which have the power to affect sales and drive revenue to your business. The primary way to gauge ROI on TikTok is awareness and engagement because of the impact a viral video can have on a brand. You should consider awareness and engagement as positive indicators of brand loyalty, which can lead to recurring sales versus one-time customers. You want loyal customers and people who are invested in your products and services. Because of this, your influencer campaigns have to be carefully crafted in order to drive engagement, awareness, and financial ROI goals.


If you are in process of developing an influencer campaign, we’re here to help you consider a few key factors to improve your strategy efforts. These tips can help optimize your current TikTok marketing efforts and take your influencer campaigns to another level.

Make Creative Content

Make Creative Content

To say that influencers on TikTok are creative is an understatement. From intricate dance routines to lip syncs, the platform has propelled the creative zeitgeist of social content. You have to partner with an influencer who has shown high levels of creativity across the platform. TikTok is no walk in the park to master, which is why when influencers flourish, brands want to collaborate with them immediately. TikTok features an elaborate toolbox of video editing tools and filters that give influencers a chance to be unique, original, and make their content stand out. For brands looking to maximize the potential of their TikTok marketing efforts, the simple caption/picture/video combination with a call to action will not work.


For example, look at a popular fitness brand like GymShark who has been targeting younger customers on TikTok through their #315liftchallenge. They partnered with TikTok influencer Dylan McKenna to inspire people to get critical on their lifting form and have their video “dueted” with him. This not only provides educational content for the avid gym user but gives them the opportunity to receive feedback and practical tips to help prevent injuries from incorrect form. Creative content produces more views, engagement, and makes people genuinely excited about interacting with your brand. If you’re looking to target new audiences and build brand recognition, then consider finding an influencer within your industry and partnering. 

Build Brand Engagement With User-Generated Content

Authenticity is a trait that most users value across every social platform, but TikTok thrives on authentic and organic content. If you have ever used the app, you know how easy it is to spend time scrolling through hundreds of videos that intertwine people just like you doing everyday things. Whether it’s #lifehacks like organizing a cupboard, self-care tips, lip syncs, weight loss success stories, or business tips, people love to share on TikTok. This endless stream of authentic, engaging, and organic user-generated content is a breath of fresh air from the filtered life of Instagram or the disruption of ads on YouTube.


If you are a brand looking to target young consumers then you have to understand that Gen-Z and millennials value authenticity above any celebrity campaign or flashy commercial. Let’s look at how The LaVignes used their TikTok to show the common feeling of living with your parents vs. living by yourself with your own expenses to manage. The video is clever, quirky, uses a popular version of Chris Brown’s “Go Crazy” song, incorporates captions, and is done using household items. It tells a very relatable narrative in just a few seconds which is evident from over 4,000 comments on the post. Consider using user-generated content in your next campaign instead of putting money behind a celebrity endorsement.

Don’t Forget To Incorporate Purchase Links In Your Influencer Content

Don’t Forget To Incorporate Purchase Links In Your Influencer Content

TikTok recently launched a new ad format that was designed to help with purchase conversions on the platform in addition to testing out a format that would allow creators to use product links in their videos. This new feature will allow brands and businesses to insert shopping links into their video posts, which means consumers could make purchases directly within the app. Currently, TikTok users have the option to include a URL in the profile on their homepage, but this option could prove to be more profitable for TikTok marketing strategies. We’ve seen similar features on social apps like Instagram, which have been very effective in guiding customers through the sales funnel and purchase process. If this feature does get added to the platform, it can help brands monetize their posts and the content created by influencers. As you are building out your influencer campaigns, consider the new products or services rolling out in Q3 and Q4 to decide which links you’d want to share on TikTok. Thinking ahead means you’ll be ready with content once this feature gets the greenlight.

Make Your Brand Stand Out With Video and Music

For businesses looking to take the traditional marketing approach to create TikTok content, you must leave your old ways at the door. Video marketing on TikTok is not one-size-fits-all and you should welcome all the benefits that video can bring to your marketing efforts. TikTok is all about short video clips and this provides a new way to promote your products. Static images and clever graphics won’t entice the average TikTok user, they want to see your brand in motion. You want to build a channel that puts out consistent content and uses influencers wisely in order to achieve success. The majority of TikTok content includes viral songs and a combination of creative/entertaining video content, so don’t want to sell yourself short by making videos that don’t utilize these creative elements. Many content creators have both explicit or clean versions of popular songs so if you want to jump on a trend without the risk of foul language, the option is there.


We’ve discussed TikTok at length as part of our recent series highlighting the benefits and marketing options it provides for businesses. Whether you’re a small business or enterprise-level company, TikTok has several promising opportunities for digital marketing that are continuing to grow every day.

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