How to Use Influencer Content as Paid Ads on TikTok vs Facebook Ads

How to Use Influencer Content as Paid Ads on TikTok vs Facebook Ads

In the world of social media, using influencer marketing campaigns is an essential aspect of building brand awareness, developing partnerships, and connecting with your target audience. But once a campaign is over, what is the next move? You’ve invested time, budget, and creative assets into this influencer campaign and now you want to further maximize on those results by finding a way to reuse the content. Influencer-created content has the potential to help increase engagement and your ROI by being placed into an ad. If you are looking to lengthen the shelf life of your influencer content, you have to identify the social platforms they would perform best on and how you can use them in paid ads.


Today we’re going to talk about how you can use your influencer content on popular social media platforms like TikTok and Facebook, whose paid ad services have proven to be profitable for increasing brand awareness and ROI.

Paid Ads On TikTok

Paid Ads on TikTok

While TikTok is still a relatively new platform, brands have been flocking to the social app because of their several advertising opportunities. These advertising options give brands the flexibility to choose ads that work best for their budget and can highlight the type of influencer content they want to use. If you are looking to build brand awareness and create an engaged audience, TikTok is the place for you. 


Types of TikTok Ads

TikTok ads are all about video and short clips, so if you have influencer content that you can edit or shorten for ads, this could be the platform for you. Below we’ve listed several types of TikTok ads that can be used for repurposing your influencer content.


In-feed video ads

In-feed ads are short-form videos that appear in users’ news feeds, which are a great asset for marketers looking to create custom audiences. These ads blend organically into TikTok’s feed of short videos and can be run on a cost per impression, cost per click, or cost per 6-second view.


Branded Hashtag Challenge

Challenge ads have become some of the most identifiable ways people promote their products or services on TikTok. A brand can ask TikTok users to videotape themselves and participate in a challenge like a choreographed dance and then post it with a specific hashtag. This type of user-generated content has helped some campaigns go viral as these are placed at or near the top of the Discovery page and clicking on the hashtag will populate all the accounts that are participating.


Brand Takeover

If you have influencer content specific to your niche or industry, then this is the ad for you. Brand takeovers will display when a user opens up the app and is shown a three to five-second video with a CTA attached, linking to a landing page within or outside of the app. These ads generate a lot of impressions but can be very expensive.


Shoppable Ads (Hashtag Challenge Plus)

TikTok’s latest shoppable ad format lets brands sponsor hashtags that will create a dedicated experience where users can shop their products and services. When users land on the hashtag challenge page, they can click on either the Videos tab or Explore tab. The Videos tab introduces users a plethora of tagged content within the hashtag and encourages them to submit their own tagged content. They can also view branded products through the explore section and complete checkout on the brand’s website with the “Shop Now” link.


Branded Stickers

Branded content is always a creative and fun way to have users engage with your content. Similar to Snapchat, you can create custom stickers, lenses, and filters that TikTok users can use on their accounts.


Determining the best way to use your influencer content depends on the type of content you have and deciding where it fits best within the TikTok platform. For example, if you have sponsored posts that were created with your products or services then you might want to use the Shoppable ads option. If you are looking for further insight into creating and managing a TikTok ad campaign, click here.

Paid Ads On Facebook

Paid Ads on Facebook

Facebook has continued to be a social platform that commands billions of followers all over the world. If you are looking to repurpose your influencer content, Facebook ads have a variety of affordable options that can help brands expand their reach. Using influencer content can help enhance the performance of your Facebook ads because influencers are viewed as trustworthy and authentic. Influencer content has the potential to convert followers into customers so using them in your ads can positively impact your brand.


Here are the types of Facebook ads to consider when using influencer content. Facebook ads feature more options for you to use influencer images and photos that can be boosted or promoted for a variety of goals.


Image Ads

These simple ads are a great way to get started with Facebook advertising if it’s your first time. You can create an image ad with just a few clicks by boosting an existing post on Facebook or Instagram. Make sure you are choosing a campaign that isn’t dated or out of season depending on the time of year you are running the ad.

Video Ads

Video ads can run in news feeds and stories, or they can appear as in-stream ads in longer Facebook videos. Using video ads has become an increasingly easy way to deliver your brand message in a few short minutes. Incorporating influencer content can help drive engagement and increase traffic to your website.


Carousel Ads

A carousel ad can use up to 10 images or videos to showcase your product or service. These are great to highlight the different benefits of one product or several products. Consider using high-resolution photos and videos that pair well together and have a similar aesthetic. 

Slideshow Ads

These ads are an easy way to create short video ads from a collection of still photos, text, or existing video clips. Slideshow ads are a great low-impact option to draw engagement. 

Collection ads

This is another Facebook paid ad option that is targeted specifically for mobile devices. The collection ads allow you to showcase multiple products that customers can click and buy. If you have a series of related products or services you want to feature in one ad, this is a great option.


Using your influencer content will help you to win the trust of your audience. Users prefer the authenticity of an influencer over a static image or promotion. Since Facebook is integrated with Instagram you can also pay to boost a post on either platform which will help you reach a larger audience outside of your followers. If you have already used your influencer-created campaign on a social platform, you can use it on a Facebook ad campaign. These ads can promote a particular product and encourage users to make a purchase.


TikTok Ads vs. Facebook Ads

Facebook has remained a foundation component of social media history with constant evolution that has helped maintain its global user base. TikTok has proven to be a formidable force in the social landscape due to the virality of content, younger demographics, and bite-sized content. Each platform has its own strengths and weaknesses but neither are in direct competition with each other such as Instagram Reels vs. TikTok. Determining the best place to use your influencer content depends on the type of content you currently have, budget, audience, and what the goal of the ads is. 


Regardless of which platform you decide to place your ad dollars behind, the content generated by influencers is more authentic, relevant, and relatable than any static images or catalog photos you use. Incorporating influencer-generated content into your ads is not only a great way to repurpose campaigns you’ve already paid for, but can help drive traffic, increase your social presence, and boost your engagement rate. 


Here are five tips for reusing influencer content in your paid ads regardless of the platform:


  • Incorporate a Call to Action
  • Give Credit to The Influencer
  • Optimize for Ad Formats
  • Target Your Customers

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