Fresh Ingredients.


Marakesh - Handcrafted Mediterranean

 This once hole-in-the-wall has been Austin's go-to Mediterranean spot. At a time of plateaued sales, we set out to remind the city what made Marakesh such a gem.

After we dug in, we noticed a consistency in the menu items. Handcrafting. This led to the creation of the Handcrafted Mediterranean campaign. We took it to social, garnishing hundreds of thousands of impressions, adding a third to in-store foot traffic.

A series of canvas ads, short films, & Instagram Influencers was quite the recipe for success.


The Results


Increase in Facebook engagement with creative content


Growth in Instagram followers with paid ads + influencers


Increase in monthly website visits


Rise in catering sales

We celebrated Cinco de Mayo, Mediterranean style.

We created this DIY during a time they were massively trending, maintaining relevance during a Hispanic holiday.