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6 Game-Changing Methods for Targeting Facebook Ads

October 31, 2016


I [secretly] want Facebook to acquire every social media platform.


I’m not a shareholder, but I am a marketer, and after 12 years and 1.6 billion users Facebook is king when it comes to user data.


So, when the next hottest social media app steals everyone’s attention, knowing who the user base is would certainly help us capitalize on the platform’s popularity and subsequent arbitrage.


Many new platforms are not taking advantage of the data made available to them by their users, and I’m all for staying true to your roots, more power to you (Snapchat). There does come a time, however, that we social media marketers wish to distribute our content to an audience a little more specific than 18-32 year-olds in the United States.


And so, we seek platforms made stronger by the aggregate of minute data that allows us to refine our targeting.


So much data to house under one roof

Facebook data is housed on servers in a number of huge data centers located around the world. The social media giant collects so much data that it is continually adding new data centers to house it all.


According to Data Center Knowledge, “Each data center houses tens of thousands of computer servers, which are networked together and linked to the outside world through fiber optic cables.”


And, every time a user logs in and shares information on Facebook, that information is stored on these servers.


Facebook likes to show off its data mining potential in the “notes” section on their page “Facebook Data Science”. Here they use data collection to run interesting, and often clever, articles driven by their collection of data. Check out the article “What is in a Name.”


How does data help you target?

Within this vast accumulation of data exist points where your brand and a Facebook user’s interests collide. The more of these points that exist, the better your chances of engaging with that person.




It’s all about Targeting.




The accumulation of all of this data makes a nice little target with your audience sitting firmly in the bullseye. The more data, the better your aim.


Here is a list of the few targeting methods in the Facebook Ads Manager that will help you capitalize on the platform’s strengths. Keep in mind, these targeting methods also apply to Instagram, thanks to the acquisition.



1. Target Friends of people who like your page

Make your fans endorse you, and influence their friends to engage. Ancient Facebook secret: The friend of a fan will soon be a fan.



Targeting Selection








2. Target people browsing your website

They’ve already expressed an interest. Install the tracking pixel to gather an audience of visitors and serve them a custom ad to bring them back. Ancient Facebook secret #2: Low-hanging fruit is the easiest to gather.



3. Target people using your app

Get them hyped about an update, new release, or in-app purchase.



4. Target students with a specific major

This can be used in virtually any industry. As long as your ad content is relevant to that field of study. Ancient Facebook secret #3: Don’t market calculators to an English Major.



5. Target parents based on the age or gender of their children.

What are their needs and wants? Strollers or Big Wheels? Barbie or Ironman?



6. Target consumer behaviors

Shoppers are creatures of habit. If you know what those habits are, you can influence buying decisions.

  • Target people based on their preference of beer

  • Target consumers who purchase health & beauty products

  • Target people based on their real estate buying behaviors

  • Target people that are in the market for a new car



Target. Target. Target.



With the right data at your fingertips, you can easily identify who your target audience is, and what their needs are. For Facebook marketers and brands looking to take advantage of all that the platform has to offer, the strategies and targeting combinations are endless.


Be creative with your Facebook Ads, and remember if you can think it, you can probably target around it.



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